The Listening Machine Idea

Updates on localization?
Grand plans for the semester!
A finished product is involved – woohoo – 3D sound out of your pocket!
Hopes are high (that became obvious when my professor said that splitting up an audio file into component tracks is ‘tricky’)
I have a new workspace (two actually, I have a new favorite section in the library too)

So, what’s this slacker upto?
Ouch! I’m not a slacker – you’ll see!

I want to make a “listening machine” because:

  • I want to learn about artificial neural networks / adaptive filtering
  • I get to work with sensors and chips
  • A remarkable musical experience is involved

What would this listening machine do?
It will convolve for you! Imagine the following series of events:

You open up a box – it has mics, a “listening machine” (protoboard with a speaker, sensors, chips and ports), and instructions.
You connect the machine to your computer
You follow the instructions to record your HRIR (there are options to do retakes)
You provide the machine with a song of your choice. The machine listens for different tracks.
You setup the sensors and start moving around the room. You realize you’re having a beautiful aural experience as you do that.

And of course, instead of moving the user around, we could just ask him/her to move a hand around (computer camera used) to have the conductor experience.


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