Recording in the Beck room

As I discovered this week, there’s an awesome “multipurpose room” in the Multimedia Studio, which opened up this semester. (“all the world conspires…”)

This room is awesome!

Settings on the speakerSpeaker: HS80M | Frequency response: 42Hz – 20kHz | left speaker off
Noise: code | 16 Bit | 32 Bit
Recommended accessories: wireless mouse | rotatable chair | table with 45 degree edges.

Obvious mistake to avoid:
– shutting down the screen shuts down everything -> fix: HDMI1
– recording with input level turned to zero is funny -> fix: use ‘display’

*Final* recordings made:
8 with 44.1 kHz, 32 bit WAV file
4 with 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV file
1 for fun | Aniron | both speakers on

Recording-process related questions:
– how well do the low frequencies show up on the speaker/mic system?
– what difference do the noise absorbers in the room make?
– are there any settings on the speakers / Mbox that could affect the recordings?
– how far away should I be from the speakers?
– are back of the head recordings actually effective? Even the front ones, for that matter.
– 16 bit, or 32 bit?

Analysis questions:
– do we still get harmonics of the sine wave in the beginning? (I couldn’t hear any)
– how does the correlation work out?


Day 1 of listening | on road, in dining hall (not quite silent) –

  • the noise recordings don’t seem to be 3D at all.
  • Aniron seems to be weird. Its not 3-D, but there’s seems to be a pulsating/phaser effect.

Day 2 of listening | library, comparatively quieter

  • the noise sources seem to be very close to the head => not much localization.
  • Aniron’s background noise seem to add an enveloping feel / rain effect. This can be developed to give some not-so-audible cues, perhaps?

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