Nyquist, Shannon & Friends

“Back to you, it always comes around. Back to you. I try to forget you. I try to stay away. But its too late. ” [John Mayer]

Interestingly enough, there’s no getting away from Shannon entropy, Nyquist sampling theorem, Fourier transforms (everything on sine waves, as Dr Anderson would say), epicycles, “2 to the n complex numbers working for you”

Maybe I just keep coming back to the feeling that all of these would eventually come together in a beautiful way – but it may just be an “onion”.

Further viewing:

Brain is a bag of chemicals [TED]

Understanding the Fourier Transform [video]
Fourier Transform is “a unitary transformation between two different Hilbert spaces” [stack exchange]
Fourier Transform [Better Explained]

Linear Algebra
Alternate Coordinbate Systems [Khan]


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