Adaptive Configurations: notes from Drumright

Adaptive Filtering, by: Thomas Drumright, Spring 1998 [ PDF * ]

Four adaptive filtering configurations:

  • system identificationCredit: Thomas Drumright, 1998

    • “determining a discrete estimation of the transfer function for an unknown digital or analog system “
    • order issues:
      • under specified (insufficient coefficients)
        • error may converge to a nonzero constant
      • over specified (more coefficients than needed)
        • error will converge to zero
        • converging will take more time
    • error = desired – computed output
  • noise cancellation

    Thomas Drumright, 1998

    • A noise source is used.
  • linear predictionThomas Drumright, 1998

  • inverse systemThomas Drumright, 1998

* Notes from PhD students are easier to read


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