Browsing IEEE Xplore: A break from errors that don’t drop…

I have been browsing through the abstracts of some articles, and making notes on this page:
[ Keyword: Binaural ]

The rest of this post is about some thoughts on comparing class work to research.

Its interesting that working on a problem in the context of a research / learning project is similar to working on a problem set for a class. Both involve thinking about the problem, listening to / reading about ideas that could lead to a solution, putting them all together, and then evaluating (and refining) the solution to the problem. In either case, there might be a situation where the problem is trivial, or it might even be unsolvable!

Then where’s the difference between taking a class and doing research? Is it that a class is more structured, because a lot of careful thought and planning goes into deciding how material is to be covered? But we can also have research projects that are planned and that follow a timeline (mine is getting there!) Course syllabi feature outlines of what will be covered, and literature reviews could lead to similar road-maps for how a research project would develop (and where the uncharted waters would be entered!)

I am not really sure if there’s a difference in taking a class or doing research. The processes involved seem similar. Its all about learning things that would be new to the student, and in the case of a researcher, they might be new to everyone!


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