Direct wiring vs preamp

Meet muxpy!

Muxpy is not a multiplexer, nor does it reference the numpy or scipy libraries – but its name does. Muxpy might help us resolve the sampling rate problem, as we’ll be able to sample our noiSrc and the room’s output together as one stereo track (through R-01).

I asked Dr Anderson if I should directly wire things up to feed the noiSrc and one of the mice’s output into R-01. My concern was that this pre-amp / black box might change the signals around. Dr Anderson said that it would better to use the preamp as our two inputs to R-01 (noiSrc,  one mic) would probably have very different levels.

Anyway, my guess is that this preamp is an all pass filter that would introduce phase delays for different frequencies. The next step is to measure its response (once the wires are up!) This might be the first time I actually get to use my NI myDAQ, but we’ll still try to double check the measurements with a better function generator / oscilloscope combination.



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