Using ProTools Now!

Today’s recordings:





I finally recorded using ProTools today. The goals:

  • compare R-01 and ProTools (both set to 44.1 kHz sampling rates)
  • compare Mojave MA-201 fet (condenser) to Shure SM-58 (dynamic)

I basically did two sets of recordings

  • Samples from Coldplay’s Sparks
    I think that besides doing noise recordings, working with music files might make some differences more audible (considering that our final goal is to work with music files!)
    In retrospect, this wasn’t a good idea. I was uploading three files to SoundCloud: the AUX input (source) and the outputs from both mics. Copyright infringement issues. Next time, I’ll use some original music files instead.
  • Noise samples
    Used the same rand output (Mar 17, 1) from MATLAB
    With AUX, I don’t have to worry about the PCM coding and any noise that that would add, not that it would matter, but still.

The settings were a little different from the last post. On the hardware side, I just made sure that R-01’s left channel got one mic input at a time (194: Mojave, 195: Shure), whereas the right got the AUX input noise’s right channel.

Mainly, I set the gains on the digital mixer (Mbox Pro) to 0 dB, and I don’t think I played around with any effects/gains on the ProTools side (just setup the I/O)

194 - R01 out

Background noise from the mics!
Also, Shure was muted for R01’s 194 (Out 5/6). Everything came through to ProTools though, which is nice. Feedback problem solved by muting all tracks.

For 194 and 195, only the R speaker was set on (shown in this figure.) For the Coldplay samples, both speakers worked (not shown.)

195 R01 out

For R-01’s 195 (Out 5/6), Mojave was muted to only let Shure come through. ProTools again got all the tracks (muted output: the ProTool advantage)

On the ProTools setup, I had three outputs:

  • 1/2: to speakers. While the recordings were made, ProTools didn’t sing at all, though (the same muting benefit!)
  • A dummy mono output to channel 3. This got one of the two mics. Dummy because it didn’t go to the R-01, nor to the speakers.
  • A similar mono dummy for channel 4, This got the other mic.

I used these “physical outputs” for bouncing all the tracks individually. I am still not sure why I didn’t see an option for stereo waves, used Mono (summed) instead (for most of them atleast – I did not notice this initally)


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