Tangents: small world networks & spatial spread of contagions

A talk by [ Seth Marvel ]


Non local methods for contagion spreading

Node ranking (not today)

Progressive (slow and steady) vs wave-like (rapid, systemic)(tumors: infections, a long way from the source)

Yarsinia pestimis
Interpretational aspect of *spreading curves*

Long range travel (steam-powered)
Ausubel, Marchetti, Meyer (European Review: 6: 137, 1998)

Synchronization in the spread of disease

UK/Australia 180 degrees phase off-set

Shortest path between two nodes on the order of log(no. of nodes)

Mollison dynamics (1972)
Gaussian contact density vs Cauchy density (more consistent with mobility studies) -> simulations

Alleles and random walks:


Seth Marvel studied under Dr. Strogatz. Funnily enough, I came across Dr. Strogatz’s book on non-linear dynamics about a month ago, and spent a few hours just yesterday, reading his book on Calculus letters. This seems like a small world indeed, and Seth did say that he had an amazing experience under him!


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