In the first 10 pages of Gladwell’s Blink

Gladwell is suggesting that human beings have ‘developed’ two kinds of brain functions / problem solving approaches. As much I can frown over how tricky the concept of evolution could be to grasp, Gladwell does seem to be onto something. If we have been able to live through predatory dangers, the survivors must have somehow managed to take quick decisions over sparse arrays. But that’s the faster, instinctual, gut-feeling, reptilian way of thinking. I think a lot of these functions are ingrained into certain parts of our brain through innate memories / functions, which I would guess, are formed in the earliest stages of our life, in the absence of sensory perception. And maybe later, the primary cortex kicks in, slowly over the years, and learns to abstract away on top of sparse arrays – complementing the work of the more primal sections of the brain. Now, that’s a hypotheses, I’ll have to think about refining it, and then we can setup some experiments with the nulls.

Interesting 10 pages, though, minus the confused portrayal of how life evolves.


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