Audition is more serial, or is it?

#include [ computation bias ] //moved to help index
function blackBoxInvestigation ( blackbox ) {
return blackBoxSlightlyIlluminated

Audition and vision seem to have interesting differences. If biological sensors were to output data along serial or parallel paradigms, I could assume that different [ cranial ] nerves work the same way, encoding sensory information in some mixed signal format and carrying this to specialized brain tissue. Anyway, the higher level perceptions that emerge, seem to vary in their resolution. The visual field seems to carry many more parallelized data streams than our taste buds. But vision feels more parallel than audio does, or does it? Two pupils and lenses to condition the light waves, paralleled by two ear drums and the whole bone complex that conditions / transduces pressure waves. A number of photosensitive receptors – with color (frequency) and spatial mapping – are involved in vision, and there’s also the whole inner ear’s spiral complex, where we see frequency (and spatial?) mapping. Parallel data streams – where multiple light waves and sound waves are being superposed through the same (similar) hardware, so I don’t think aural data streams are more serial or parallel, when compared to optical streams. The bandwidth of these DDCs (quantization, so skipped the Analog) is very different:

400–790 terahertz [ 1 ]
20-20 kilohertz [ 2 ]

I am not sure if this is a meaningful comparison, though.

The reference frame for vision seems to be moved to our pupils, but the reference for audioscapes seems to be somewhere inside the skull, perhaps around the ear drums.


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