Impedance matching on earphones

What happens when one encounters some fancy terms? Well, I try putting them next to other fancy terms! Impedance matching is all over the place in electromagnetics and RF theory, and there’s something clearly missing on our headphones experience…could it be an impedance mismatch?

I’m not even sure what means, but its just about starting with a horrible hypothesis and then refining it along the way. Of course, it helps to have a physiological model to help with forming such hypotheses, but we can enjoy an illusory thought experiment by pitching some words together!

Anyway, what’s wrong about our headphones experience? I can take binaural mics, record audio, and then play it back over headphones. Its not the same. Its not even close. Of course, there is some reality that bleeds through, but its not equivalent to taking the headphones off and just listening to speakers pumping music into a room. Low gain on my binaurals could share some blame. But I think there’s something up with just headphones, at the least the ones I buy off the shelf from Walmart. They can play music, but they are missing (or adding) some processing, which is affecting the actual signal that’s meant to come through and give us a binaural experience. Maybe in-ear binaurals would help…


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